GURT nicely implemented the project on development of women entrepreneurship: success stories (VIDEO)

GURT Resource Centre successfully implemented the project «Development of women’s entrepreneurship in Ukraine» funded by World Jewish Relief. The project is aimed at increasing employability and income-generation of women through development entrepreneurial skills and encouragement to official registration of their small businesses in Ukraine by providing training, consulting support, and subsidies for the development of their start-ups.

Within the project GURT has provided grants for development of 11 women-entrepreneurs’ businesses in Kyiv oblast contributing to the creation of new jobs. Particular attention was paid to the support of women who represent vulnerable community groups and/or women affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Project impacts three main areas:

1) Decrease of social tension – project motivates vulnerable groups of women to start or move out of the conflict area their business. Thus, they generate additional income for their families and become less dependent on state social support.

2) Creation of new work places – all women entrepreneurs who get financial support for their businesses have established at least one additional work place.

3) Foundation for civil society – strong small business in rural communities of Ukraine is a key foundation for local civil society development.

Below you may see success stories of four women-entrepreneurs who implemented their business plans with support from the GURT’s project.

By the way, in July 2016 GURT Resource Centre launches the new project supported by World Jewish Relief – «Development of Small Entrepreneurship in Kyiv Oblast», where GURT supports small business in the Kyiv oblast, which will create new work places. Follow the announcements on the GURT web portal.

The project «Development of Women entrepreneurship in Ukraine» was implemented by GURT Resource Centre and funded by the World Jewish Relief. More details about Small Business Development see here.

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