GURT Communique, July 2015

Dear Colleagues,                                                                                               

Since 1995 GURT Resource Centre is dedicated to serving active citizens and helping them to implement societal changes in their communities. We believe civil society organizations and powerful communities have a critical role to play in meeting the challenges of a changing Ukraine. Serving as a communication, knowledge and resource platform, GURT created a unique information network of above 15 000 CSO and community leaders, change-makers from all regions of Ukraine. By sharing our experience, documenting our progress and identifying the challenges that lie ahead, we believe GURT will help positively shape the future.

In the pages that follow, as well as on our web-portal, we kindly invite you to find examples of GURT’s initiatives and projects that reflect our evolving work related to civil society and community development.

We look forward to future opportunities to cooperate with you and share our common stories, findings, and lessons of development work in Ukraine.

GURT’s Team

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