GURT invites to get acquainted with innovative annual report for 2015!

GURT Resource Centre – a national center for societal information and expertise – offers you to get acquainted with the annual report for 2015 in the innovative interactive format.

Using and developing the potential of civil society organizations, GURT contributes to democratic societal transformations and exists for the conscious and successful Ukraine where civil society ensures dignity, confidence, and trust among citizens at local and national levels.

This year, for the 20th anniversary of GURT Resource Centre, we have prepared the annual report in the form of an interactive site available in two languages – Ukrainian and English.

The self-explanatory website navigation enables users to find their way around quickly and easily by clicking on a specific area of the title phrase or expanding the left side menu – sections and units will be available at any time of report review.

To provide greater convenience to users, we have added a horizontal line of social media buttons, the transition to the main portal homepage and the printed version, which can be transformed into PDF-file and saved in the HTML-format.

The site of GURT annual report for 2015 implemented adaptive design, so it is easy to access it on any device connected to the Internet.

Annual Reports for other years of GURT Resource Centre activities are available here.

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