GURT conducted needs assessment of CSOs in Zaporizhzhia oblast

In the frame of the project “Strengthening capacity and networking of Zaporizhzhia’s CSOs” GURT Resource Centre conducted the study of the state of NGOs, charitable organizations and foundations in Zaporozhzhia oblast.

The study aim is to determine the level of development of CSO sector in Zaporizhzhia oblast, identify their potential, aims, strengths, weaknesses and limitations, as well as to estimate capacity development needs of CSOs for planning and implementing projects and programs to further develop a training course on strengthening organizational capability management.

On February 11, 2016 GURT held the first focus group in Melitopol. As a result of preliminary online survey of 150 CSOs in Zaporizhzhia oblast, GURT Resource Centre invited 20 heads and deputy heads of public and charitable organizations and charitable foundations to participate in the event.

Berdiansk was the next city where the focus group was conducted. On February 12, 2016 27 CSO representatives together with GURT determined their potential and needs in capacity building.

The last stage of study took place in ZaporizhzhyaOn February 13, 2016 30 focus group participants told about the activities of their organizations, existing and potential opportunities for their development.

Organizations that participated in the focus groups could join in the training program and the open space conference where they will have an opportunity to develop their own microprojects.

The Project “Strengthening capacity and networking of Zaporizhzhia’s CSOs”is implemented by GURT Resource Centre in the framework of the Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

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