Plumbers of the new sample were tested by a competition of professional skills

May 7, 2018

On April 26, the final of the All-Ukrainian Professional Competition in 2018 was held in Kyiv in the profession «Installation of Sanitary Systems and Equipment». The competition is held for the second time and this year was held during the InstallFest festival in the exhibition center «AccoInternational».

The event took place within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Public-private partnership to improve sanitary education in Ukraine”, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in partnership with GeberitTrading (Geberit) and implemented by the GURT Resource Center with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Thanks to the project, based on Ukrainian vocational schools (VET), innovative teaching and practice centers were created, as well as a new educational standard, curricula and materials were developed and introduced, the qualifications of teachers and masters were improved, and the profession of installer of plumbing systems and equipment increased. The further development of the project will involve the transition to the self-sustainability of training centers and the recruitment of graduates.

The project started in 2014 in 6 pilot educational institutions. During 2016-2018, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine used a model of a training and practical center for the training of plumbers, developed by the Ukrainian-Swiss project. So, the state budget funds created educational and practical centers for this model in 19 vocational schools in different regions of Ukraine. From now on, the training centers work in 25 vocational schools. In June 2018, the second issue of the new sanitary technicians will take place, which is about 200 qualified specialists. In 2017 there were 136 of them.


This year, in the competition of professional skill, students and graduates from 10 vocational schools (VET schools) took part in the training program, based on which educational and practical centers work from such cities as Brovary, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, Poltava, Romny, Sarny, Khust, Cherkasy, Chernihiv.

The semifinal of the competition was held on April 24-25 on the basis of Brovarsky Professional Lyceum and consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical.2

In the final, which took place during the InstallFest festival, three teams came from Odessa, Cherkasy and Chernihiv. The contestants competed in the installation of plumbing equipment, and their work was judged by a jury consisting of experts and professionals – representatives of industry leaders.



The jury included: Oleksiy Rakov (General Director of LLC Geberit Trading), Dmitry Vakhovich (project engineer), Sergey Vysokos (co-owner of the company VKP Ukrpelteksport), Serhiy Khizhnyak (Technical Director of OOO BMU-77), Viktor Chernysh (co-owner of the company «V.SSMer») and Petro Spyliur (Chief Engineer of «Sahara» Company).


The jury hesitated for a longtime, and although Odesa team managed to complete tasks quicker, Odesa team (Oleksandr Kutsenkoand Volodymyr Makhmudov) and Cherkasy team (Valentin Zadnopryanets and MaximBondarenko) were the first to win the first place, and the team from Chernihiv (Ilya Yezpa and Andrew Pastushenko) took the second place.


(Oleksandr Kutsenko and Volodymyr Makhmudov)


(Valentin Zadnopryanets)


(Maxim Bondarenko)ї


(Ilya Yezpa and Andrew Pastushenko)

«Participants from Cherkasy did not have the experience of working with the proposed equipment, but they quickly figured out and managed. A bit of practice — and they will do it much faster — explained their decision to the jury. — All tasks were complicated, but if a person takes care of the cause and is not afraid to do it, then he or she will win. »

The winners of the competition received diplomas and the opportunity to take internships from industry leaders7Valentin Zadnipryanets, a student of the Cherkasy Vocational School, shared his impressions: «We have an internal selection at our institution, we are well-trained — so they went to the finals. Impressions are wonderful today — the contest is very interesting. Why did I decide to go to study on plumbing? I liked the specialty, it`s nice and interesting. There are plans for the future — I will work in Cherkassy, where I have been practicing. »

The event also included a meeting of directors of educational institutions and representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Swiss Cooperation Office, the company Geberit and the GURT Resource Center. The heads of the vocational schools shared their problems and achievements, and also discussed the main goals and directions for further development.


Iryna Shumik, General Director of the Directorate of Professional Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, focused on reforming approaches to vocational education, in particular, spoke about the greater practicality of education, a conscious approach to the choice of profession, on effective and short-term training, adult education, gender balance, popularization of the profession, and also about the successful results of the partnership.

«The public-private partnership project is a vivid example of what the Ministry of Education seeks,» said Iryna Shumik. — Due to the results of the project, the government allocates funds for the development of vocational education institutions and raising their quality. This is a partnership that we want to develop in the area of vocational education. The creation of new educational and practical centers helps meet the modern requirements of employers. Without investment in the modernization of vocational education, we can not get skilled workers in the labor market. And we want our citizens to receive exactly the education they need. »


«Today we are talking about the broad concept of vocational education,» she continued. — Yes, there will be a profile education in parallel with the general education, but we are moving to a world understanding — education throughout life. A person will be able to get a certain set of skills by passing a separate training module — and in a short time we will get a qualified specialist. This is what will be a trend in education. The purpose of vocational education and training is to change the focus on adult learning, an opportunity that will generate income. Today the business is reconstructed and no longer requires state-standard documents, but takes into account certificates. Therefore, educational institutions should develop a positive image, and any employer will know that your graduates are really skilled workers»


Oleksiy Rakov, General Director of Geberit Trading LLC, noted that this year’s competition and the festival itself are a place where business representatives and heads of educational institutions meet.

«It’s nice to see that 19 other professional educational institutions have joined this project, and now in almost every region there is an opportunity to get a modern profession of sanitary equipment installer,» said Alexey Rakov. — It is important that the competition takes place on Install Fest, because it is a measure exclusively for installers and plumbers. For heads of vocational schools it is a good opportunity to meet with business representatives, to find out how the industry works, to see what is the demand for specialists. And businesses, employers — understand what schools offer. »


Viktor Shutkevich, Deputy Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine, spoke about the introduction of the principles of dual education in Ukraine and increased awareness of the students who choose the profession of installer of sanitary ware.

«We started work with 6 educational institutions and went along a long road. We are glad that other institutions join us on this road, «commented Victor Shutkevich. — Thank you to the Ministry of Education, which supported our drop in education reform. This is our first and only project related to education, which we implement together with business — the company Geberit. »

«4 years ago, when I asked the children why they became plumbers, they lowered their eyes. And last week I asked the students the same questions — and they did not disappear, but replied that they would make money. I realized that the children here are not because they have badly studied or brought by their parents — they have made conscious choices and see the future of this profession. In Switzerland, dual education is quite well built, when businesses make orders for specialists, and students spend a lot of time not at an educational institution, but in the workplace, last year — almost completely. These are the key principles that we are trying to implement in Ukraine. We want to develop the direction of internship, to connect children with business companies so that this was not the case in the last course, but ideally as in Switzerland: before the child goes to study, she should know where he will work on completion, «- added Viktor Shutkevich.


Bohdan Maslych, Executive Director of the GURT Resource Center, spoke about the successful implementation of the tasks of the first phase of the project: development and implementation of a new educational standard, curriculum and materials, training of teachers and masters, promotion of the profession of sanitary equipment installer, and mentioned the second phase: transition on the self-sustainability of educational and practical centers and promoting the employment of students.

«All the teams that took part in the competition demonstrated a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This is the main indicator of the project’s success: investments in reforming the system of training plumbers are realized in the skills of students of graduates of newly created educational and practical centers. Today we were all able to see the result of the project: plumbers of a new standard are already in Ukraine! «- Bogdan Maslych said.

The leaders of the educational institutions that came to the final told about the project, the competition and the students who took part in it.


Sergey Suschenko, Director of the Odessa Vocational School:

«Thanks to the project, which we are involved in from 2014, our students have the opportunity to work on modern equipment. Our graduates are in demand in the labor market. We participate in the development of curricula, manuals, elements of modern modular training. Participation in the project gives us the opportunity to cooperate with the leaders of the sanitary industry. Due to the global name of the company Geberit, we are not afraid to come to other companies. Participation in the contest gives students a sense of engagement for something more, additional motivation. They are already successful: many of them work in large firms and get decent wages. »


Ivan Bolokan, coordinator of the educational and practical center of the Odessa Vocational School:

«We took the participants according to the results of the internal competition in the vocational school, we have 4 groups of assemblers. Today, in the final of the competition, students of the 1st and 3rd year students take part in the integrated specialty, the boys have the 3rd grade. Integrated specialty envisages receiving three specialties in three years: an installer of plumbing systems and equipment, an electric welder, an installer of plasterboard constructions. »


Valentina Molotsilo, Director of the Cherkasy Vocational School:

«In Cherkassy, the first interregional educational and practical center in Ukraine was created. We are very pleased to work on the project and would like even more cooperation. We participate in the competition for the first time. This year, we decided to see at what level our students are and what they are capable of. Participants — graduate students, graduate institutions, we picked an interesting practice for them, so they have already gained sufficient practical experience in large local enterprises. »


Maxim Pojarii, Acting Director of Chernihiv Vocational School:

«Last year we took part in the competition and took second place. In principle, all the tasks of the competition are in the curriculum, so there is nothing new and fundamentally not familiar to students. But the challenges this year are much more complicated, the organizers came up creatively with their compilation, there are a lot of points where you can be mistaken, you must include a rifle. The competition is attended by students of the 2nd year, an integrated specialty. They have already received the specialty of the sanitary equipment installer and passed the examinations, and now they are studying the second specialty –an electric gas welder. Training for each takes 1.5 years. We were preparing for the competition thoroughly, performing additional classes, and holding a small internal competition. But the most important thing in selecting — this is the student’s desire, for this we have been guided. «