The European Community Development Network celebrates 25th anniversary

July 11, 2016

The European Community Development Network (EuCDN) – a non-governmental European umbrella organisation which brings together a variety of partners from a dozen countries both inside and outside of the European Union – celebrates 25th anniversary.


Having looked back EuCDN also looked forward at the future challenges both for community development in Europe:

  • the persistence of poverty, social exclusion and growing inequality and the need to build more inclusive societies;
  • the migration crisis and the need to ensure effective policies and programs for integration and empowerment for migrants and refugees;
  • the growth of racism and xenophobia and the need to more effectively ensure equality for all people and diverse groups in our societies and to recognise and celebrate difference and diversity;
  • the democratic deficit at the heart of Europe where by those affected by issues feel they have no say in the policies and programmes that affect them; and
  • the environmental crisis and the need to connect environmental and social justice issues in building a sustainable and fair future.

EuCDN will continue to vigorously promote community development across Europe aware importance of community development in shaping communities and society now and in the future.

By the way, due to the results achieved by GURT in developing local communities in Kyiv oblast in 2011-2015, GURT has become the member of European Community Development Network.

To learn more about EuCDN current activities please read here.